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Journey & Habits

This is the first post to the new blog. But this is definitely a tester post. I'm not going to waste too much time with it. I just want to see all the features I'm able to do on Wix's Blog.


Now I can change the subject and write something else.


I'm going to use this section of the blog as my journal on my new journey and habits for 2019.

It'll be about yoga and working out, meditating, healthy eating, not drinking, and any new habits I may pick up.

Other blog sections will be more in depth about being vegan, meditating, charkas, crystals, tree, insight and things like that.

I want to document and share the new journey I'm on. I think it's a very enlightening and uplifting journey. I'm already a different person with the habits I picked up.

It's time to write it down and remember it all.

It's time to put it out there, take off the mask.

It's time to share.

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