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Yoga & Meditation


I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. 

I'm registered with Yoga Alliance.

I have continued education hours in restorative yoga & yin yoga.

I am a certified meditation teacher.


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Beginner Yoga

During this class we will cover some beginner asana, proper alignment, and understand how to breath and transition. This class is ideal if this is one of your first yoga classes.


Yin Yoga

This class will be a slow paced flow where we will hold our poses for longer periods of time with the purpose of stretching and targeting deep collective tissues between muscles & fascia throughout the body while improving flexibility.


Gentle Yoga

This is a yoga flow that will be majority seated asana. The class will have different focus and levels of intensity.


Restorative Yoga

During this class we will focus on holding poses for long period of time relax our muscles, body & mind. This class will use props such as blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps and a wall. 


Vinyasa Flow

This class will be about staying active while transiting into different asana by connecting breath to movement.


Meditation Session

Guided mindful meditation to help calm your mind. Learning how to train your attention and redirect thoughts, building awareness to yourself and surroundings and helping to reduce stress in your everyday busy life.

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